So yeah, been playing and had tutoring on my $10 steel string acoustic for about 6 months now. looking to buy my first electric guitar. Don't really know what to look for or how much to pay, being 14 I don't really have much money so something on the cheaper side would be nice.
The guitars I really like the look and sound of are epiphone les pauls. I haven't tried a gibson les paul but i hear they are alot better guality..at a price.
The one or two guitars I'm looking at specifically are epiphone les paul custom alpine white for 1400 NZ OR epiphone les paul special 2 white for 450 NZ. Then there's the fact i need an amp to play it on. I like the look of marshall amps just because they look nice haha.

ANY advice at all would be much appreciated.
Many thanks, Sando.
Out of the two guitars listed, get the Custom. Personally I'd recommend a Fender HSS Standard Fat Strat though; near-unbeatable for budget IMO ever since coil-tap was added. As for the amp, if it's an MG stay away from the Marshall. What kind of sound are you looking for? I get that and I can advise some amps.

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Yeah the only problem with the custom is the price. but hey, its x mas soon.
As for sound, I really don't know a.. anything thats cheap and sounds 'good'
It doesn't really help i listen to alot of music. My favorite genre is hardore with bands such as poison the well, norma jean, underoath fall of troy etc. I don't really listen to as much classic rock or old stuff such as mettalica so im not looking for amps of that sound.. if that helps at all :/.
lol... i never knew there were $10 guitars..
anyway i got my epiphone SG standard (japan made (japan ones are better than the china ones lol)) for around $600
i say stick to epiphone.. u ll get nice guitars really cheap.
randalls are cheap and would be good for underoath, norma jean, the red shore, parkway etc type stuff
Do you get Cort where u live? The make some pretty nice guitar quite cheap! If you're into metal get a X seires or an EVL seiries.

A cheap marshall wont get you anywhere near those metal tone without a good distortion pedal. You should look at a moddeling amp such as a Peavey Vypyr or a Roland Cube or A Vox Valetronix XL. They give you a wide range of sounds and have built in effects to mess around with!
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