I am trying really hard to learn this song, although I have come across one problem which is making it hard (mainly because I am still fairly novice). Anyways, when I try to play Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin I am finding hard to interchange between finger picking and strumming with a guitar pick when nessesary. Should I just be using my fingers all the time or the guitar pick or find a way to change between quickly, because by doing them seperately for different parts it sounds alot better, but in doing so it stuffs up the rythmn/tempo of the song. I get a feelings I should be using picking for the first whole part of the song and guitar pick for the rest, but those small times when its better to use the pick in the first part of the song, by strumming with my fingers it sounds not nearly as good.
I fingerpick everything until it hits the 12 string-esque part and then I switch to a pick.
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dude... you can basically use ur fingers through the whole song.. thats what i do.. .even the solo.... well your finger nail... it acts as a pick.. .i hardly use a pick now unless playing really fast metal stuff... you can also finger pick with a pick to... as weird as it sounds.. the pick acts as your thumb and you have 3 fingers free.. its a good thing to practice! trust me
The way it works in stairway is you use both the pick ánd fingerpicking simultanuously. Pick between thumb and index, taking care of the 'thumb'-picking and the other three fingers for the rest of the picking (ofc when strumming chords you just use the pick)

edit: it's something to get used to anyway, same as in jazz you want to be able to do funky rhythm chord stuff butu you need the pick for soloing, this way the pick is always 'at hand'
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Hybrid pick. During the intro I use the pick on all of the notes played on the D string, and any time a chord is hit I use the pick.
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I hybrid pick it. Granted, I do not know the entire song. I should learn it at some point, and probably will. What I can play of it, I use my pick in conjunction with my fingers.