Hey guys im thinking of a getting a new guitar. I play metal like lamb of god, disturbed, trivium etc. im looking for a guitar with a locking bridge and trem. my price range is around the 1 grand mark (AUS).

heres the xpt700
the downside of the xiphos is the edge 3 trem...

heres the warrior
this has a bolt on neck which i dont like but it has a genuine floyd rose trem.

so what would you reccommend out of the two? feel free to reccommend any other guitars you think suit my style better. thanks.
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The Warrior doesn't have a genuine Floyd, it has an LFR...

My question would be, how set are you on having a locking trem?

Otherwise the Ibanez XPT700FX might be something to look out for:


By the way, you are aware that the Xiphos is around 1600$ (AUS), which is a few hundred over your budget.

Also, why not go down to a few local(-ish) shops and try a bunch of their instruments. There's a good chance they'll even have an amp similar to yours, so you can get a good idea of what a particular guitar will sound like, should you buy it.
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