So, last year my boss introduced me to a tonne of new(to me) music and one of them was the band King Crimson. Upon doing research I came across the "new standard tuning" I'm becomming bored with guitar and read that the NST is a good way to start over in a sense that you have to relearn how the express yourself. Does anyone here use the NST? Do you like it?

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What is the tuning for "nst"?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Is this the "Nashville Tuning"?
That is also called the NST.
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What tuning is NST?

I use a few other tunings, mostly standard(s) though. (E & D)
I'm using DADABE on my 6 currently, but I stole that idea from another band.

I was thinking about making one up, tuning to 3rds and 6ths for mellow acoustic, dunno how it'll pan out. Might have to use a capo, or partial capo to make that possible though :/