The original plan was to build my own bridge and mess around a bit, but because xmas is coming up and I want to get started while I’m off for a few days next week I’ll have to drop the self build ideas and scrounge like mad. The plans now are to turn my old damaged, run down, rusty squire into a decent playable instrument. Doing this partly now because I don’t want to spend money (even 100£ on an instrument which may be inferior for me to play. I want to turn this into one that I enjoy playing, so sorry folks I’m going the boring old way.

The only part that will be kept of the squire is the body (which it turns out after sanding isn’t good at all), but it doesn’t matter too much, I can always rip it apart later and replace the body with a better wood. I’m scrounging a few parts so I’ll be able to put a decent pickup and some decent tuners and a bridge in her.

My brother recently bought a maple strat neck off ebay for like £10 so I’m stealing…..um borrowing that. The main thing will be that I want a really nice paint job, I’ll have to have a think because I’m not sure what I want at the minute (I saw a really nice looking PRS, I liked the look of it, Deep red body paint and light maple neck).

I'm going to file down the strat body a bit as it felt too bulky when it was a squier. The neck will need finished, I think i'll try and get a satin finish on this one. The last maple necked guitar I played was far to glossy and sticky.

A few things that haven’t been decided upon yet:

Bridge type - I’m thinking I want a floyd rose copy, but unsure at the moment the routing that would be required for it
Pickup choice - Want a Duncan Sh4 JB, may just go all out and get one.
Paint scheme - not sure at the minute, possibly like the PRS I saw.

Pic’s to follow as soon as I can find my camera charger.
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as for any help i can give:
lots of people suggest tung oiling necks as its pretty simple and makes necks pretty damn slippy from what ive heard - i like painted necks to be honest, they feel nice to me, but sounds like tung oil is an option for considering otherwise.

i have a JB - i dont think you'll be dissapointed with it, they are great pickups.

paint scheme - completely up to you, but if you want something really cool have you considered a fabric top? i was going to put one on mine but decided i'd use it for another project - ive got this cool snakeskin effect stuff.

also - if your gonna slim the body - i should imagine planing is better than sanding - but i would ask someone else on that - but ive done enough sanding to know it takes ages!

also - one last thing is - if you get a floyd, the neck may have to be shimmed due to it being higher than most strat bridges (unless you get a lo pro) and there not that good without the locking nut - is there space for the locking nut on the neck?
For the neck wipe on poly is great. Really easy to use. The high gloss wipe on poly isn't really very glossy and it feels better than most gloss finishes on necks but I usually use the satin for necks unless it's a neck through.
Great to hear on the JB, i've just ordered it for $80, works out about £45? Also the wiring look pretty simple for 1 humbucker 1 tone 1 volume.

Paint scheme i've decided on, it will be a really deep red body (if i can find the paint that matches whats in my head), and chrome hardware.

Coben the fabric you were talking about for the top I had thought of that, how would you go about it, just glue down even on top and clear coat over the top of it? would that work, I might use it on another project.

Thanks both for the neck finishing info i'll read up on tung oiling and wipe on poly, see which would suit me best.

I have finalised some ideas, well some doodles on a scrap of paper and in my head.

Because the squier body has been routed quite heavily on the front i'm thinking of glueing wood into these holes and filling it then sanding to a smooth finish, leaving room for 1 humbucker to be set into the body and do away with having a pickguard. I'll try this out first though as I don't want the guitar to sound like balsa wood, if you know what I mean. I think setting some hard wood securley in place might work ok and I really want a smooth solid paint finish.

Going to get stuck into this over the weekend.