Hey everyone. I'm new to the guitar and was wondering what I must do to make this problem go away.

When I switch chords by taking my fretting fingers off the strings, they strings kind of make a faint plucking noise. It's kind of annoying when I want to play a clean song and some random strings are being plucked.

My fingers are still kind of soft (only been playing 2 weeks) and I was wondering if when they do develop calluses, that noise will go away.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

do you push hard on the strings? might be the problem a lot of people that just start of do it. after some while you will feel more comfortable and don't push as hard anymore and then the sound often goes away. however when your fingers get harder you automatically push less harder so it often goes away then. but you could look at this and try pushing less hard and see if the problem disappears
That doesn't help enough. I notice if I take my finger off the string too fast it makes that noise.

Oh, and I've noticed it rarely happens when I play fast..only when I hold a chord down for a little while, and mostly on the thinner strings, as they dig into my skin.

Thanks again
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when you switch a chord do you remove all of your fingers from the fretboard and then make the new chord or is the switch really smooth and you keep your fingers low on the fretboard? because what you are doing is pull offs. pull-off is a technique like the hammer-on. well i think the name already explains what it is. but try to make you chords switching smooth and fast. i recommend you switch just between 2 chords. for instance E and D . keep switching and practicing until this is very easy and your fingers move without you thinking what to do and see if the noise is still there.
It doesn't do that when I switch between e and d majors. It is only with big switches. I guess it will just take practice like you said.

Thanks armins.