Okay, so I expect to be getting an EQ for Christmas, so that's all taken care of...

But, I still need an OD, I believe. I've been searching (YouTube clips, sound clips on some websites, not much, but it sort of gives me an idea), and was looking to spend around $100ish CDN (I can go a bit higher). I don't really use too much gain, only have it up at around 10 o'clock mostly, and just want an OD to sort of boost the sound, not to really add gain. The most gain I'd see myself needing is to handle Iron Maiden type sounds, but again, not too important. I play classic rock, classic metal, cleans, uh, Eric Johnson type stuff (is that jazz fusion, I guess?) and stuff like that.

In short, I need an OD that will boost my sound. If you have some other pedal suggestion either than an OD (I dunno, like a booster, I guess), feel free to suggest it. The TS9 sparked my interest, as did the Maxon OD808 or whatever, but that's getting a little pricey.
boss super overdrive or overdrive distortion if not go blues driver its somewhat versatile for that stuff.
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I really like my Boss SD-1 but I'm still kind of new as far as tone goes. I talked to a couple of different people before I bought the SD-1.
BBE sonic screamer. Just like an Ibanez tube screamer.
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You said the TS9 and Maxon 808 sounded like good choices n those r the tube screamers. Ive heard that the Digitech Bad Monkey tube overdrive sounds pretty dam close for $50, havent actually played one but Im lookin to get a hold of one over chirstmas myself. Try youtubing it and see if thats what ur lookin for.

Also if your lookin to boost your sound and not add gain, have you looked and any boost pedals instead?
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BBE sonic screamer. Just like an Ibanez tube screamer.

This guy knows what he's talking about.

Do not listen to the Boss Pedal recommendations they're nowhere near what you want.
Digitech Hardwire, or the Digitech Bad Monkey are GREAT overdrives, and for a kickass price.

You could check into the TS-9, TS-808, or either the Greenscreamer or Sonic Screamer. I can't remember which one of those it was, but it was pretty awesome.
Try and find a Maxon on Ebay, that's what I did. Got a TS9 for $80 US
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What sort of EQ are you getting? If its the MXR 10 band, there is a gain and a level slider on there. Same as a OD. Just wait and see if you need it AFTER you get the EQ.
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Quote by JilaX^
This guy knows what he's talking about.

Do not listen to the Boss Pedal recommendations they're nowhere near what you want.

Clearly, he doesn't. There's no such thing as a BBE Sonic Screamer.

The BBE equivalent to a TS is a BBE Green Screamer. It's a good pedal, less of a mid hump than your average TS. They go for 50 bucks at Guitar Center right now, hopefully they have a similar deal at Long's and McQuade's (I think that's what you call it...) up there?
I am getting the MXR Ten Band, yeah.

Green Screamer, eh? I might have to look at it quick.

I can't seem to find it on MF. I guess I'll check BBE's site, if they have one.
if you want something more transparent as a clean boost look into somthing a bit more expensive.

The MXR should work great if you want something that can give you some more grit and a bit more dynamics check out some OD's in the 100$ section.

I love my CM-2 hardwire.

It can give you that loose crunch a TS9 can easily give and get really tight past 12oclock.

I look at the level as a Boost, the gain as a DS and sustainer, the HI as treble boost, and i use the Bass to compress the soound a bit more.

I really like the 4 knob, than your regular 3 knob OD.
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I think what youll apreciate about this pedal other than the amazing sound, is the simple things.

Like the knobs for instance like some guy said in one of the threads above.

There very unique and they come in handy when your playing late at night, one milimeter makes the diffrence between bedroom level and you irratating your neighbors.

Another thing is it looks cool and its really heavy it kinda gives you a reasurance that you can drom this thing from a 30 story and still plug it in alright and it will still work.

The stompclock thing is a nice feature, the velcro for your pedal so it wont slide anywhere, the glow in the dark sticker.
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I have that one to.

As a clean boost its really good, it works great with amps and interacts really well with your onbaord gain volume EQ.

If youve got a meh amp it will improve your amp vastly.

Theres alot of sounds i can get of this thing.

As if the range it offers has alone dosent feel like having 2 pedals in one. IMO it offers more tonal range than your standard TS clone even compared to the original TS9 or TS808. But its also got the classic/modern switch.

To me theres two sides of this pedal on any one setting(either classic/modern).

TS9, and post TS9.

On the pedal it feels like anything 12oclcok and under on the level knob feels like a tubescreamer should.
Creamy, crunchy, clear notes the triple C's.

Anything after that is post TS9 in interaction with the gain knob you can get some really knarley out of this world sounds.

So atleast to me anyways it feels like its got alot of ranges and it feels like its 4 stompboxes in one.

I played with atleast a couple of stomp boxes for a week before i decided to go with a TS9 because i could afford it, and then a green screamer cause i didnt think the TS9 wasnt all that much better even tough it is.

And then i played this thing for what 2 hours or so and i couldnt bear to get a TS9 or the green screamer.

But hey thats just me.
I think its that good.
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good luck finding clips.

the only ones they got is the one on youtube.

but yah its ****ing great.

Its heavy built like a tank.

Like some guy pointed out the knobs, yah i know i sound like a dumbass saying this, are one of my favriote features ive tried on any pedal if you can call that a feature.
Youll see what i mean.

and other than that it just sounds superb, if the TS9 made me go wow, this thing blew my head clear off my shoulders in how amazing it sounded.

Ive droped it quite a few times on purpose and on accident and its still good barely a dent in the casing.

youll most likely find it at any GC i bealive.

If you can try out something like a OCD fulltone, or a BB xotic.

I think thats the only competition even then id say its right up there with boutique pedals.

I also tried a GT-500 from fulltone i bealive and a Zvex overdrive some other day next to it.
The Gt-500 was a push over if you ask me especially with the price there asking for.
The Zvex was bomb but to expensive, and i still liked the Cm-2 better.
Wish i could afford that Zvex tough.

All in all a great pedal you should read the thread i did on this baby.


I hope the cost dosent go up altough i suspect it will.
It will still be a awesome pedal but it will loose some of its value.
Hell what was i saying i was ready to dishout 150$ for this pedal if you read my thread.
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