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im just curious, wat was your second guitar?

and howd u choose it? i know this might seem like a waste of time..but im just bored. heh
Wrong forum, but my second guitar was a CIJ 62 reissue strat.

I chose it because it's awesome and kicks every other guitar's ass.
1.Gibson explorer
2.Gibson explorer pro
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I started on a crappy washburn from target and moved to a Mexican Fender Fat Strat. I chose it over american versions of both teles and strats beacuse it just played and sounded good.
nikki sixx thunderbird

I didnt pick it though, it was a surprise
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why second? why not first?

Because your first is usually crappy. The second is where you know a little about guitars

I'm yet to purchase a second but I want something by Ibanez.
Gibson Les Paul. *fap fap fap*

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Gibson SG
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Fender Lite Ash Telecaster

Reason for chosing it, I was in a guitar shop with mum. I liked the look of the body.
Epiphone Casino

I wanted a 335 "the dot"...not complaining about my casino though, I was just surprised...
2nd bass - Yamaha RBX170 (borrowed from my mums friend)
2nd owned bass - Rockbass Vampyre
my first was a squier strat, decent but damn you could cut your fingers open trying to do any more than a whole step bend on that thing, terrible playing guitar.

My second was an MIM fender strat, It plays damn good, I'm thinking about dropping in some gold lace sensors, but I love the stock guitar anyway.
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I started on a crappy washburn from target and moved to a Mexican Fender Fat Strat. I chose it over american versions of both teles and strats beacuse it just played and sounded good.

hahah hell yea on the crappy washburn. i had that pos. second guitar i got was a Epi SG G-400 Cherry Vintage. Always loved AC DC.

After that i got a Agile LP AL-3000 because I was looking for a cheap LP to mod and heard such good things about the Agiles i just bought the high end one and put the SG on the shelf
A DeArmand M75T in starfire blue. It was/is the greatest guitar ever made and it makes me cry to remember it's loss even to this day.
Ibanez SA160, I was originally going for the SA160QM but gut the SA160 because it was on sale.

Kinda wish I'd gone with the QM though.

I decided to go SA160 in the 1st place because of the HSS pickup config, I still like the tone of a single coil at the neck.
My 2nd guitar was a ****ty Wesley guitar I bought off eBay, I bought it because I wanted an electric guitar and it looks cool. I have an Epiphone SG now, which I also bought because it looked cool, and on the 19th I'm getting my new Dean Razorback, which also looks cool, but I actually tried it out first lol.

I realise you only wanted to know about my 2nd guitar but I don't care haha.
Main Gear:

ESP Eclipse CTM I
Dean 'Shards' Razorback
Chapman Guitars ML-1
Ibanez AEL40SE Acoustic
Blackstar HT-5 Mini Stack
EHX Metal Muff
EHX Small Clone
1. Epiphone Les Paul
2. PRS CE22
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
B.C.Rich Warlock Bronze series (raffle prize)
Crybaby from Hell
Blackstar HT-Dual
Line 6 DL-4

Cornford Roadhouse 30
OLP Musicman petrucci copy.

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Eric Johnson signature stratocaster.
I was gonna graguate from high school so my parents gave me a good present. They payed about half the guitar, I worked for the other half .
Me and my guitar shop keeper basically went over every guitar in a couple of fender frontline magazines, and he explained all the differences and all the advantages. Then when I tried out the EJ strat I was like "whoooaaaaa" and that's how I decided.
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Oh you're good.
(genuine) epiphone/gibson stratocaster

swapped it for a hondo2 ltd. edition burgundy les paul copy
1. crappy HARLEY BENTON -_-'
2. Ibanez acoustic
3. my father's Squier Strat from 1982
4. DEAN ML 79'
1)Alvarez EM8
2)Yamaha FG700S

My dad has the alvarez now, and I missed it. So I bought my own guitar.
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(genuine) epiphone/gibson stratocaster

mine was a black fender strat.

i got it for a present last christmas coz i've always wanted one.

still use my trusty squier tho
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It's either an Epiphone Explorer

or a Fender MIM fat Strat.

Or possibly an Epiphone FR prophecy.

Haven't decided yet
I still have my first but im getting a jackson RR3 Pro at the end of the school year
an Epiphone Strat copy (first electric second overall, and actually a pretty nice guitar, I still play it) second electric was a Gibson SG Voodoo
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Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I liked the way it looked. I was looking for an all black les paul, but it was as close as I could get; black with cream trim. I am in the process of customizing it all black, I put black seymour duncan open coil humbuckers in it since epi factory pickups aren't too good.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

I originally went to the shop looking for something completely different, but I played it and it was just amazing. So I bought it.
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My 2nd was a MIM strat, red satin.

since then I've modded it to hell (as I do with all my guitars)

but it still has the same charm, somehow, has a standard strat.
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