Okay, so for Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to try and repair my Mom's very first guitar that I incidently broke when I was much younger. There's a hole in the bottom of the guitar(probably 2.5 inches round) and I was just wondering if it's even possible to fix that. I'm guessing not, but I thought I should ask anyways.

I guess that would be smart to say. It's an acoustic. Solid color.
It's possible on either Acoustic or Electric, what you need really is a piece of wood to cover underneather and another ontop matching the grain, sand it down to about the right size, ect.

Also, add photo's, if we don't see any, we could cause more damage by suggesting things.
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well, it's not unfixable, but it'll be a challenge...

Chances are, you may have to refinish the entire thing, so the finish matches the rest of the guitar.

I'd think your best bet for this would be to figure out what kind of wood it's made of (hard to tell from these pictures) and get a couple laminates of it. Cut one bigger than the hole, glue it in from the back (inside) and fill any pieces that aren't even with some filler. then take the second laminate, and try to match the grain as best you can on the front side.

Just my eyes, if anyone's got better ideas, please feel free to correct me

Thanks, I'll do some more research before I try anything and check back here if there's any more suggestions.
best of luck, mac. I want to see pics of this finished
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This does not look like a quality guitar, so I'll tell you my "quick fix" patch method for laminated guitars.

First, you glue a piece of lining veneer behind the hole, using PVA glue like Titebond or Resin W. hold everything in place with tape.

FIll the hole level with the sides using car dent filler. Put a polythene sheet over the wet filler and roll it with a rolling pin or a bottle to get it as smooth as possible and minimise sanding. It may be better to do this in two stages, put one lot in and let it set, then apply the top and smooth that.

Sand the filler level with the wood, smooth as possible. You should be finishing the job with a 1200 grade sanding pad - go to a car body shop and ask to buy one, they will probably give you one to make you go away.

Now to cover up this messy but servicable repair, you need an oval mask that is just larger than the repair.
Take a piece of paper, fold it into four. Cut out an elongated quarter circle, so that when you open up the paper, it forms an oval mask. Get a cup or bowl and draw round it onto the paper to get a good arc. Take the mask and iron it to get the creases out (keep the steam OFF).

Tape the mask over the repair - don't tape the edges of the oval, but keep those edges down so paint can't get under. Using gold or silver paint, spray over the oval area. Let it dry for a day.
Get some decorative (usually gold) self adhesive lacy sticker designs from a craft shop (they sell them for sticking on greetings cards). stick this to the gold sprayed area, spray over everything with brown - it doesn't have to match the guitar, but the closer you get, the better it looks. Let the brown paint dry, then get the gold stickers off as soon as possible. A pin or needle is helpful when lifting them off.
Now the area looks like a piece of Boule inlay, spray over VERY lightly with clear laquer (if you do this heavily, everything will mix together - be careful to just dust over). Five dustings at 20 min intervals, and you can take the mask off.

The end result does not pretend to be anything but an honest and acceptable looking repair, but it has saved a lot of instruments with laminated back/sides that just ain't worth fixing any other way.
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find the pieces that broke off it and glue it back together !

I'm sure i cant be the only one wondering but... how did you break this?
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When I was like 6 or 7 I was running around on the couches I believe and I fell off and plowed that guitar into something.

Have had no time to touch this thing yet...need to get started soon :O
Cut a piece of wood just a bit bigger than the hole and put it in the inside of the guitar , glue it in.
Then add another smaller piece onto it from the outside about trying to make it as thick as the guitar is , then add wood filler.
After that I'd suggest sanding the whole guitar a bit , then paiting it another color *spray paint + clear coat = sex-on-wood*.