hey, i uploaded a song to my profile.
or u can go here - http://www.bandmix.com/josh_back/ - and listen to it.
i've got some feedback on some other forums, i want some more before i actually do a better recording with the ideas i've gained from others.
tell me what u think good or bad! thanks.
This is the first thing on UG in ages that I've genuinely enjoyed, great work. I don't think re-recording is necessary: the raw vox and piano sounds are fine, the mix simply needs to be tweaked. The edrums need a bit more balls, and the whole song needs a bit of a lift in the lower-mid and bass freqs below around 350Hz - it sounds lifeless and flat at the moment. A wider stereo image may also help remove that constrained feel.

Actually if you've got the time to upload a zip with the raw tracks, I'd really love to have a go at remixing it... what do you reckon?

By the way, the vocal style and timing of your track reminds me a lot of The Afterglow by Frusciante - have you heard it? Reckon you'd like that whole album....
thanks man! i appreciate the critique. i have to disagree about the redo because there are some simply noticeable mistakes in the keyboard and vocals that i just can't bare to listen to, hardly, and the repetitiveness of the last chorus is a bit too much. also the drums stray too far away from the timing of the verses and choruses.

lol i indeed agree with the mix sucking, i just suck at mixing. don't know much about it. but i'd be more than welcome to let u do work ur magic on it! i'll upload the zip file with the raw files asap(after work), and msg u with a link.

btw i'd never heard that frusciante song. or any of his music, really. and i dig it. a whole lot. thanks for everything.
No worries mate. It's totally diffenent to anything I've yet recorded, so I'd quite enjoy trying to get a better sound out of it. Bounce down all the raw tracks seperately(with as few effects as possible), shove 'em in a zip and PM me the download link. I look forward to mixing it (possibly more for my own benefit than yours... ).

As for your other comments, I didn't hear any mistake significant enough to spoil the listening of the song. Nothing wrong with aiming for perfection, mind...