alright, a couple questions:

i like playing rock, so what are all the soloing scales i need to know?

I've watched videos where people have used a lot of the neck during a song, and still managed to stay in the right key. when i use a minor pentatinic scale, i get boxed in with 12 notes. how do i use more of my neck?

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Pentatonic's good. Learn the fretboard and use whatever fits in the scale that's comfortable. A guitar has more than 1 octave so use as many as you can.
The pentatonic scale is only 5 notes. You need to learn all of the pentatonic boxes on the neck, it sounds like you already know one of them. Google guitar pentatonic boxes or scales. Also, i find that teh regular minor scale is much more useful and sounds a lot better than the pentatonic scale, seeing as the minor pentatonic scale is only part of the minor scale you might as well learn the extra 2 notes
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how many boxes are there

Depends how many frets you have and many of them will overlap. Knowing what note's were will make your life much easier.
so if the song is in the key of A, could i play any note in the a minor scale?
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so if the song is in the key of A, could i play any note in the a minor scale?

A minor pentatonic to be exact, but yeah. Any note works wherever it lies on the fretboard. Different spots for the same notes will have different timbres, like 5th fret B string and open high E are the same note but they have a different tone so experiment and use whatever sounds better and is more comfortable.
you need to know all the positions/degrees of the scale... minor pent isn't just 12 notes...its those notes all around the neck...u gotta slide around up and down
There a 5 pentonic box shapes to learn, start there as a basic

then move on to the major/ minor/ blues scales which are all very similar to pentonic with added notes

the eventually move on to modes

for the most part youll be fine with pentonics though
most famous rock guitarists just use pentonics
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You only have 12 actual notes on the entire guitar so that shouldn't be an issue, however the heart of the problem is that you don't actually know the notes that you've got at your disposal or where they appear on the guitar.

You don't need to learn boxes, what you need to learn is the notes you're using and the unique interval patterns of scales to enable you to understand how and when to use them. If you do that the patterns will take care of themselves - they won't help you learn scales, they'll only help you use them.

Learn the notes on the fretboard, learn about intervals then learn about the major scale - have a read of Josh Urban's Crusade articles in the columns section.
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