dean ml fans, what your favourite version of this guitar and why? i literelly mean ml's, not razorbacks or stealths lol.

mines probs matt heafys lol, though i havnt tried it.
Best shape ever!

...appart from the les paul.

The best ml ever is the dean from hell. original, american limited run or import cfh. There all amazing

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As a right-handed player, I'd love to take a left-handed ML and convert it to play right-handed. Upper fret access would be immense, there'd actually be room for me to rest my picking hand (yes, I anchor) and I think it would look quite good, albeit the pots would be in a weird place.

And after a quick check through the Dean website, the 30th Anniversary version looks great.
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I love 'em!

only problem is getting a good case -_-
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I love 'em!

only problem is getting a good case -_-

Get a V case and a explorer case cut them in half and glue it together !
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