hey i dunno which guitar to get, i like the fact the LTD has a neck pup and is mahagony, but i prefer the cheaperness and 24 frets of thr rr 24 so which do you think is the better guitar?
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That's a tough one, because I've played my friend's RR 24 and it plays nice (although with my size, it felt really weird to play with the V shape), but then again, the other ones an EX (I love me an Explorer :P).... I say try and find somewhere and play them both.
The DJ is very nice, but a little over priced.
I hate V's
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the RR24 is great guitar it plays like heaven.
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rr24 hands down, its a jackson and not a low end esp.

the ltd dj 600 is far from low end...

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Actually the LTD's of the 400, 600, 1000 series ext are very simular in quality to the Jackson Pro series. Both make high quality guitars

Because the guitars have a few key differences (body wood, number of frets, neck profile ext) the only way you can find out witch guitar you prefer is to try them both. All I'll say is that I have an RR24 and it's an awesome 'shred' guitar
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rr24 hands down, its a jackson and not a low end esp.

HAHA bashin the LTD`s again eh LOL

the 400`s and up are far from low end. and not many people can afford a $2000+ price tag to have ESP on the headstock.

i`d vote the LTD, i like the necks more then the Jacksons. although i was lookin at buying the RR24 before
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its an ltd, not an esp. thats like saying a squire is not low end

Quoted for Bull****.

The LTD-600 series is awesome.