New music, check it out. The lyrics are a little less creative than my poetry, but they get the job done.
The outro is probably the coolest part if you sit through the first 4 minutes.

Here's the link to stream it: http://bei.dmusic.com/music/stream/hifi/371780/.9f5235a7/stream.m3u

Here's the link to download it: http://bei.dmusic.com/music/download/371780/.9f5235a7

Hope you enjoy!

What You Know

What you hear is what you get
and you know it.
I never sleep anymore.
And everything I said to you,
well, did you believe it?
It could not have been more true.
What you know is who you are.
What you see is what you get,
can you see me?
I've been hiding out of view,
but now I'm hoping to be found.
I'm tired of waiting.
Seems my plans always fall through.
What you know is who you are,
and who you are is who I want to be.