Okay, I'm currently building a cab and about to buy some speakers.

I'll be using my Fireball's 16ohm output, into two 8ohm speakers making it 16ohm load yes??

That's my crappy wiring diagram. I'm sure it's correct..? PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!

Right, I'll need an input jack, what kind would I need and where can I buy it? aslo, for the wiring, what's the best wire for it?

Sorry for all the questions... It's just I'd hate to kill the amp!!

Yes. Series wiring 2x8ohm = 16ohm. Your diagram is spot on.
Your Fireball's 16ohm out is 1/4" (standard guitar cable) size yes? A normal guitar input should work.
Wire's a tricky one. Some people swear by oxygen-free, gold hardware $$$ wires. I can't tell the difference between them and old twinflex cable, although theoretically there is.

(Just as there's a theoretical difference between .00001 and .00002 )
Haha thanks!

Well, this is a rush build, and a cheap one at that!


Which cable would suit me best?
I'll be soldering, not clipping it on..

Last question, seeing as most of these cables come with both negative and positive wires wrapped in a protective sleeve, do I wire both wires to a single point? Or remove the wires from the outer sleeve and do them as 1 wire per point?

I know that sounds retarded, And I'm sure it's just 1 wire per point, but it's best to check as I've never ever wired a cab up!
Yep 1 wire to a point.
And there is nothing stupid about being careful.
Yes 1 wire to a point. Better to ask questions on how to do it as to why it's not working

From Maplin either the Bass-Flex 2.5mm, 1.5mm or the Loudspeaker cable should be fine. You could try all 3 and see if you can tell the difference
Just slit the figure of 8 wires down the middle a bit to start them off then peel them apart the distance you need.

Used to working in AWG sizes so from 18 gauge to 12 is good.
Thanks a million!!!

I'll begin building tomorrow, may make a thread with pictures!

Oh yeah, one thing that has been buggin me... They say make a cab with odd numbers (hight, width, depth) yet, looking at other cabs, they're using all equal measurements?

Would using equal measurements really give me unwanted noise?
Have a look in this thread if you haven't already.

26 pages of cabinet building info (@20ppp)

The dimensions thing was discussed and I think the outcome was cube=bad. So as long as your x y or z lengths vary (e.g. 200x300x200mm) you should be okay. The trouble was the thread had some very knowledgeable people doing things differently. If its not in there then if you search cab + dimensions all the previous data is there for your consideration.

It makes no sense to me that a soundwave would conform to our measurement systems so whether you make it odd or even numbers I doubt the waveform knows or cares check the link though because there's a lot of knowledge on cabinets in there