I have a Seymour Duncan JB double black bridge pup that I'm looking to trade. Used, but it's in fine working condition. It's currently in my Epi Les Paul Standard. Just doesnt get the tone I'm looking for.

Will trade for other 4 conductor wire bridge humbucker. I'm open to offers but would prefer something vintage PAF style...something that will do a good Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page.
Also have an Epiphone LP stock neck pup....Will take any gear trade offers on that.
Let me know what you have!
Thanks for the offers guys!

I'll have to say no to the Super Distortion. Looking for something with lower output, more vintage paf style. But thanks for offering!

Custom 5 - I don't know much about this pup. I heard it was like a P.A.F. on steroids? Let me read up a little on it and I'll get right back to you. I dont think it's quite what I had in mind but If I dont get any better offers I'll take you up on it. It should be an improvement over the JB for me, in terms of the tone I am looking for.