I'm a newbie to guitars so, any advice would be much appreciated.

I finally received my guitar and I've been trying to tune the strings. The thing is no matter how much I tighten the guitar, there is always a vibrating sound when I strum the strings.

For example: I'll strum a string and then a couple seconds later, there will be vibration/rattling coming from the strings.

The strings came loose in the beginning when my guitar arrived to my house. But, no matter how much I tighten it, there is still rattling coming from the strings when strummed.

Perhaps something is misaligned or not setup correctly? Should I have a professional guitar tech look at it?

Quote by itwashuge
does it happen when you strum open or when you press down on a fret?

It happens both when I strum open and press on a fret and strum.
I've heard people mention that the neck might be warped/misaligned??

I'm just curious if all of this is normal or not as this is a brand new guitar.
the action might be pretty low. If it is you could try and raise it, its not tough to do.

and action has to do with how close or far your strings are to the fret board. so if its really low it usually rattles and buzzes like that. if you raise it and it gets better but it still buzzes a little..........its fine if you only hear it like that, if you hear it through your amp, then that sucks.
Yeah what kind of guitar is it?

My first advice would be to raise your action a bit until it goes away and fits your playing preference
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