Is there a pedal that makes a humbucker equipped guitar sound more single coil-ey? I don't really wanna mess with the wiring of my guitar just yet, if I can get close to the tone without coil splitting.
coil tap is your best option...inexpensive, and easy too
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coil tap is your best option...inexpensive, and easy too

Do you mean split? Ive got humbuckers atm, not single coils.
Would i need 4 wire pickups to do that, or can I do it to my stock ones?
Just so you know, a split humbucker doesn't really sound like a single coil. IMO they just sound like weak humbuckers.
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Would an EQ pedal work? Its the thinner sound of the single coils i want, so taking some bass out and adding some highs might help, no?
to split the coils, you'd really need 4 wires, unless you're a master with a soldering iron and know pickups inside and out. the EHX knockout seems the best wat to get what you want without replacing your pickups.
the eq pedal idea will mess with your overall tone, but not so much the character of the pickups.
That Knockout sounds pretty sweet on the video, thats what I'm looking for I think. I'll try one out sometime and decide then.
Thanks for your help guys