I have around £100-£200 to spend on stuff to record my guitar. The problem is I don't know what I should go for as I'm a complete noob when it comes to recording. I read somehing a while ago about micropohones being a better way of recording (dunno if thats true or not O.o) but I thought it was worth mentioning that my amp is rather crap and some of my gear doesn't work.

Is there any good software I can buy which will allow me to record straight into my laptop? I already have Audacity and various other free programs but I've not realy been happy with them. I want something thats piss easy to use and somehing that'll sound good!
operative system? sound table? i'd recomend to buy microphones, but for that you'll need to have some good amp
easy and cheap = toneports

not the best by any means, but its gonna get you decent sounding stuff without a mic and on the cheap.

I would wait for more oppinions and do my own research before I bought anything personally, but ehh...

I bought an m audio black box which is quite good, plugs straight in and you have a load of modelling effects etc. to play around with. It comes with Ableton Live software.
A Line6 Toneport costs around £100, and the included Gearbox software isn't bad at all.

Though for me, the free demo version of Revalver III is perfectly usable - it adds only a tiny, subtle noise occasionally, which is barely noticable in home studio stuff. I prefer it over Guitar Rig or Amplitube, though If you've got the cash these are well worth a look.

Have a listen to the song currently on my profile - all the guitar was recorded plugged stright into the line in of my computer, using the demo of Revalver for all amp/cab modelling. If you listen you'll occasionally hear a brief sound like a crashing wave, but it's barely noticeable....

Total cost: Approx. £1.20 for one of these:

A USB audio interface is desirable, Behringer make one for about £25 which is great for getting your guitar signal into the computer. Then you can spend the money you've saved on other goodies instead...

As for recording software, I highly recommend Sonar Home Studio.
As for a DAW, I would suggest Cakewalk Music Creator 4, It handles Midi and Audio, and can be found for around $40