I have a mesa boogie dual rec. trem-o-verb head. You can turn the tremolo, reverb... on with footswitches the only thing is mesa wants $60 per switch. The switch looks like it just plugs in with a 1/4 inch cable so it's not midi. Just wondering if anyone here knows how or if they can be made?
Okay, ive read the manual of your amp (which you should have done)

It says that conections are made shorting the tip to the ring of a jack. So just wire an SPDT switch to a mono jack for each connection, so 4 SPDTs to 4 mono jacks

You can put them all in a single box. No need to have 4 separate switches.

It is easy as pie and should be very cheap.
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I read the manual they gave me when I bought it but it did not say anything like that. so I checked the online one and of coarse it's in that one just to make me look stupid. I don't know why they made two different manuals. Thanks for the help.