I've been back in the guitar business for about a year now and need a new AXE. cause right now I'm using a crappy disposable one (A gremlin) anyhow. I'm gonna be in a metal band and want a guitar to fit the style.

Now my budget is pretty low around $200 to $250.

and I was checking out a few Guitars.

B.C. Rich. I was checking out some of their guitars and liked what I saw
ESP LTD. Also checked out the ESP Ltd Ax-50 and really liked what I saw.

now the question I'm asking is what good guitar (but looks wicked) could I get for my price range?

If you have only been able to save up $200 in one year of playing you are doing something wrong.

$200 is not going to get you much, and stay away from the low end BC rich's, they aren't good.

What amp are you using? The $250 could be better spent on an amp.
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I would say Ibanez rg321. Its about 275 bucks. But i think its way worth the extra 25 bucks, And by far the best guitar out there for under 300 hundred bucks. Its a mahogany guitar with a wizard neck, The bronze warlock is junk, dont get that. The esp LTD's are good, but in that price range they are made of agathis, Some people make agathis out to be horrible, its really not, but why have agathis when you can get mahogany? I have had some great sounding agathis guitars though.