Alright guys, i need some help!
Sorry if this seems like another which bass thread, but i had my heart set on an Epiphone Thunderbird and i had ordered it from GAK in early november, since then they have repeatedly put back the date they expected it to arrive in stock! With the latest date being the 22nd of January, i've given up on the thunderbird, as it was meant to be an xmas present.
This leaves me with a problem though, i'm very unsure of what bass to get now! I play a mix of alternative rock type stuff and punk etc and i'm not sure which bass would be similar to this.
I'm really pretty clueless with what to go for now, so any suggestions are very much welcome! I'd be hoping to spend under £300 as it's my first bass (i've been borrowing one off my teacher for some months, it's an encore )

Thanks a lot, Nick
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if you like the thunderbird then get that, you just wont get it untill after christmas, dont sacrifice what bass you want just to get one earlier
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I'd look for something secondhand, you'll definately get something way better than an Epi T-Bird for that kind of money
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