Well I confused on what kind of beginners pack for electric guitar I should get.
Ive been screwing around with acoustic for the past 2 1/2 months trying to teach my self guitar, but I want an electric one.

Any Suggestions?


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What type of music do you play and how much are you looking to spend?
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Well, I play Rock/Metal (Attempt is the key word here) and really I can spend up too $1000

Ive also seen packs with and without the guitar having a wammy bar, is a wammy bar good?
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I can spend up too $1000

I suggest not getting a starter pack and try playing guitars through different amps and ask a salesperson to help you out. For a grand you can really pick out a pretty sweet set up.

EDIT: must starter guitars have terrible whammies that go out of tune all the time and are really annoying.
You want an electric because you don't want to learn proper technique or anything right? At least judging from your two posts I can't foresee a very serious player.
In that case just buy whatever you can get. Get an amp and a distortion pedal.

No use wasting money if you're not serious about playing guitar.
Im pretty dead ass about playing guitar, It will keep my from going nuts when I goto deploy next year. but see thing is, I dont know how to speak Korean, and Im currently stationed here :@

and what do pedals do?

Suggestions for
Tuning Gear

Greatly Appreciated
I don't know how good SG's are for metal, but they have a really good starter pack with an SG .
I don't really know what a good metal guitar is, but I think a Jackson, ESP, Dean or Ibanez would be a good fit.
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