My acoustic is buzzing but only on the 10th fret. This hasn't been apparent before.

The action on the 12th fret low E is about 2.5mm, 0.5mm below the ideal 3mm and I've noticed that when you fret on the 10th fret with your left hand and use the right hand index finger to tap down on the 11th fret, there is little clearance between the fret and the string. That's in comparison to everywhere else on the fret board where there's plenty of clearance and hence no buzz.

I'm going to change and raise the saddle, as I feel the action is lower than it needs to be and this may not be helping. But can anyone else fathom a reason for why it's specific to the 10th fret?

As said, I've had the guitar for six years now and this has only been apparent of late.
maybe just regular tear and wear. i mean, for six years, something is bound to happen. you might wanna replace the bridge or nut if you haven't done that in a while
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Got a flat surface earlier and tested for fret height discrepencies and guess what? The tenth fret isn't level.

It's level all the way up to the tenth, but between the tenth and twelve there seems to be a height mismatch because I can rock the flat surface.

Fret levelling then in order I guess?
Hmm, the more I look at it, the more I think the twelve is causing the trouble.