Right-o, basically, i have a laney VC 15, and due to only playing in my room (& going to uni next year) its just to bloody loud! I have decided to try out playing through a small mixer (so i can play along with my mp3 player) and some nice headphones. I'll be asking for these for xmas/ getting them shortly after. The thing is though, i like the tone from my amp too much to simply throw it away.

It has an extension cab jack on the back, along with a send & return effects loop. I know that by plugging in a cable into the extension jack it cuts out the speaker, which is handy.

My question is: would it damage my amp/mixer/ears if i was to go from the extension jack to a mixer; or would it be better if i was to go from the send jack to the mixer and plug in a cable going nowhere to the extension jack, muting the amp's speaker - or neither?

Now i hope that made sense cheers in advance