Hey, so our other lead guitarist left due to personal and creative differences... We have been looking around for a new lead guitarist. Basically to do lead work and solo in most of the songs. The other guitarist sometimes would lead and solo as well, but we wanted someone to write epic solos. The problem is finding someone to join. We have a new EP in the works, we have won a battle of the bands, people seemed to enjoy our live shows, etc. SOOOO would you want to play lead in our band? Whats the problem? Are the songs not that good? Is the music too vintage? Do we sound bad? Is the demo quality bad? well yes but we never thought we sucked but its kinda discouraging that more lead guys arent interested.

Whats yalls take?

myspace.com/rocketknife if u like us friend request us

Have your current guitarist be the lead guitarist, and get another rhythm guitarist.
yeah I agree, Ill try it out...
but I would like to be rhythm guitarist
let the other guy be lead
where are you guys located?
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I'd say get a more professional myspace and ditch the random capitals in the name.
Hey thanks for the replies.... We are located in VA... I (singer) have been playing random rhythm guitar parts so the other guitarist can solo, I'm just not that good myself and i enjoyed moving around freely as a frontman. We were just hoping to get a really amazing guitarist to play lead and we were wondering why there was a lack of interest.

We agree with the myspace needs a more professional update to it. That probably was going to happen once we finished the EP, but maybe we should do it sooner than later