i need a nice fingerpicking song, just to raise the skill level a bit more !

any suggestions?

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If you have some skill then kansas dust in the wind would be a good challenge or stairway to heaven intro
Well, i dont really know your skill level, so either try

Since i laid my burden down -Mississippi John Hurt,


}"Deep River Blues}"-author unknown jsut learned it a few weeks ago
Do you like classical pieces?

If so, try to learn the fingerstyle version of Pachelbel's Canon in D.

It's a great song, and it helped me learn how to fingerpick!

Hope it helps.
Okay, It would be nice if you would have listed how skilled you are. We can help you as much if you don't. I think that's one of the posting guidelines you should check out.

Here is a list of various tunes that could help from easiest to hardeast IMHO

Follow you into the dark-death cab
Tommorow is a long time- bob dylan
Photographs and memories- jim croce
Classical gas- mason wiliams
Yeah you should really tell us your skill level, but I reccomend Antoine Dufour and Andy Mckee pieces. Oh, a really easy song to start off with to this style of playing is Don Ross' Drac and Friends I. It's fun too!
Here comes the sun - George Harrison
Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine (pretty easy to get the hang of!)
time of our lives- greenday
canon in d-pachabel
fur elise- bethoveen
take it easy man .. its just a thread
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A lot of Delta Blues is challenging, ie Mississippi John Hurt. You can also look at Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel.