Dean does not make "really great guitars". At least not for that price.
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I actually played that guitar by accident. I went into a guitarcenter during vacation, and i was sitting by and amp and making sure the volume wasnt like ultra high (i hate it when that happens) and this guitar was right next to the amp. I used the guitar to test, but then i played it for a while and it was actually not half bad. For the price, i thought it was a steal.
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Dean does not make " great guitars". Have you heard the pickups on the razorback dimebag guitars? probably the noisiest on earth :P
And if youve never used a floyd rose, you shouldnt get one unless you know a lot about guitar maintinence. its really tough to tune them, and if you like to change tunings often, you will hate yourself for buying one because you cant do that.
but if your really set on getting a floyd guitar, get an Ibanez RG. they have RGs for about that same price, and they are very very good.
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Dean makes great guitars, I know, and it's only $300, which is a great price. If I do get it, I'm going to change the pups on it. Should I get?

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Seen here: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dean-Vendetta-2.0-Floyd-Digital-Camo-Electric-Guitar?sku=520055

I really want a guitar with a Floyd Rose and I came across this. Dean makes great guitars, I know, and it's only $300, which is a great price. If I do get it, I'm going to change the pups on it. Should I get?

Cheaper Deans are awful, and I'm not a huge fan of their higher-end ones either. Plus that headstock looks awful IMO.

If you want a guitar with a Floyd for $300, I'd recommend one of these;




ESP > Dean.

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I know this post is way outdated.. but. Dean makes a decent Guitar in this price range... compaired to other companies in similar price range... But it's how it feels to You that matters.. I'm personally buying one used because I liked the feel of the neck.. I own 20+ Guitars. And have Floyd Rose trem on 8 . This is a licensed Floyd,. Not a original Floyd.. of I were to upgrade anything on this guitar...for playability..it would be the Floyd Rose.. and don't let others who can't deal with floating tremalos daunt Your purchase... Floyd's are awesome. You don't have to use it. But it's Wild when you actually Learn How to..
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I like Deans, too, but not cheap ones. And it's not worth thread necromancy to defend their quality.
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