Avoid it.
(expect a storm of insults being thrown at it after this post.)

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You can do better for the price. Do you gig?


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In simple, dont get it. Ive made that mistake and i really want to get rid of it. Im sure lots of other people will tell you the same thing.
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


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Don't buy the spider (from personal experience):

1) It sounds great when you FIRST get it. From a 8 inch speaker to the 12 inch, it just sounded so full. It may sound full, but the actual sound from it really sucks.

2) When your ear for tone develops, it sounds really digital and all that spiders are really good for is the gain all the way up and it still sounds terrible.

3) Play some decent tube amps and learn that thats what a real amp should sound like.

4) Just listen for the little things. Listen to the modeling settings just suck after a while.

Modeling amps are a lot like multi-fx pedals; they're fun for a week, then they just suck.
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You can do better for the price. Do you gig?

Yeah, not like all the time but occasionally, any sugestions wat else i cud go for?

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You'd be better off with a Laney VC15/30, Classic 30 or Crate V18/33 and an OD to boost the gain, or see if you can find a used Valveking
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