Need a nice fat cab for my Mesa Dual rectifier.
I'm going to be playing Metal, Hardcore and anything in between.
But also thing's like pop punk.

I've been looking at a few things but everything i seem to find is from the US. I wanted a vader cab but they're US as well, and cost alot more in the UK. Would it be worth it getting a vader cab? For the extra money i'll have to pay?

Anything else people could suggest for me?

I wouldn't want to pay more than...Let's say £350. Around that anyway
Orange 2x12?
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My orange 2x12 is amazing, It went way beyond my expectations brilliant for cleans and WOW for high gain stuff
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Orange PPC212 2X12
Completely forgot about Orange. Thanks alot.
Am looking for Used as well, Ebay and stuff. So if that widen's anything up? =]
Sorry to post twice so soon, but looking at Orange Cabs on ebay. What are the difference between these two? I can't tell.

Open back has an open back (haha) for a bigger sound, it is also much smaller in size.

Closed back will make the bass tighter and be better for metal/hardcore. Plus your head will sit properly on top of it.
i say an orange 2x12

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Sadly closed backs cost alot more. Lol that's a shame.
Any more suggestions on some cabs?
Sinse ur UK, the 1960 as i said, framus dragon 2x12, and the harley benton (thomann) vintage cabs are great value (4x12 V-30's for £250) Oh and laney GS cabs are good value for UK.
If not, try get a mesa 2x12 on ebay, you maaaaaaaaaaaaay be able to get 2x12 rectifier for a little over £350 if its a bit tatty
Been looking on Thomann, seem's like a pretty decent site tbf.
I couldn't find a Framus Dragon 2x12 on there, so i'm not sure what that would be like, but i've found a "FRAMUS FR212 CB". Any news on that? The reviews sound good, but the tolex covering is tatty apparently.
I want this thing to last. It will be taken to gigs and band practice often.
The Harley Benton Vintage 4x12 seems nice, but i'm not sure what i'm getting for that price (£250). Is it any good? Are any of the Framus' or Harley Benton good for Metal?

Can't find a Used Mesa anywhere :P
The quality of the Harley Benton wont be great so you'd have to consider that, you're paying for the speakers really.
Saw a mesa 2x12 in good nick go for 320 on ebay a couple months ago. Would have bought it if I owned a head.
Ok so scrap the Harley benton idea. Still no Mesa's cabs on ebay, Anybody played through a Framus? How would that hold up with my dual rec?
I've played through the Framus with someone else amp so I can't give a full review but it was alright, bit spikey in the highs (probably the Vintage 30s or the amp).

I have the same amount as you £380 and I'm getting the Orange PPC212, in my opinion it was as big sounding as a 4x12 and was just great. I would suggest playing it with your amp though.