i need to find a video of slash shredding, because my friend (wouldnt you know it, it's a drummer) thinks synyster(sp?) gates is way better than slash.


i know it's ridiculous, he's good, but doesnt compare to slash.

i need to find the video where he's soloing pretty much through the whole thing, it's about 6 minutes long. i have only seen it once, yet it was definitly the best one i've seen
i think he was playing a red les paul but it may have been the lighting, which was pretty dark.
he faces right on screen (>>>this way) through it, and it's one of his solos where he doesnt jump about the stage, he just stays on one spot, and the guitar is hangin really low and you can't see his face at all, his hair stays in the way.
EDIT: also, he's shirtless.

don't know what song, venue or when.

thanks guys.
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dude you have a razorback explosion?!?!
im so jealous

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Munky has a reason. A reason to live. *applauds*

...but he DOES suck
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
yes because shredding is ultimate guitar control !


Slashs solos are pretty much unmatched but for technique I dunno
The video where is solos for 6 minuites isn't impressive it's very repetitive and just a bunch of pentatonic licks, just show him the Paradise City solo and Don't Damn Me solo

Plus, respect his opinion

this is what you mean I think

I could find you the video, but i dont want to

You could just accept who he likes, after all its only an opinion, just like your opinion that slash is better
This thread is stupid...

I'm sure that even Slash cares less about your friends opinion than the pit.
He's right. Slash does suck.

But yes. No-one cares about this. Really they don't.
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