Poll: What do you think of Maddox's show announcement?
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It will be awesome. I will watch it.
20 23%
I'll at least check it out. It might be okay.
27 31%
It's a pointless idea. Maddox was cool, but his day has come and gone.
8 9%
Maddox was never funny and this show is bull****.
4 5%
Who the hell is "Maddox?"
27 31%
Voters: 86.
Yeah. Maddox. Remember that guy? The fat, Armenian programmer nerd from Utah who wrote articles about how much he hated goths and how huge his nuts were? I was beginning to think his heyday was long gone, but today he announced the launch of his own show.

Will it rock? Suck? Do you care? Ever even hard of Maddox?

*poll coming*

EDIT: For those who chose the last option: www.maddox.xmission.com
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I'm unsure. I find Maddox funny, but I have a feeling that him having his own show will make him even more of an ass than he is now.
Umm... it will probably suck because his latest articles are of poor quality compared to the earlier things he wrote. His book was funny though, definitely made me laugh while I took a ****.
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i got frustrated by him when he stopped writing articles often and ended up doing 3 or 4 per year, he has some funny stuff though
and judging by your post, TS, you're obviously not going to like it
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I think his articles are great, I'm not sure about him doing a show though. I'll still watch it.
Haha yeah I saw that update this morning, looks interesting.
We'll see what happens, hopefully he doesn't just turn into another rambling youtube-er
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I hope its good... his book was so-so, i expected more.
I'd still rather have a regularly updated rant than books or tv shows, we'll see how it turns out.
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he is awesome, period

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im quite psyched
he has had enough time to come up with some sweet material
Wait, how do you know that he's a fat, Armenian programmer nerd from Utah? I thought there was never really a picture released of him or anything.
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Holy Mackerel! Really? I don't know if it'd be good. He barely ever ****ing updates anymore.
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Maddox is a huge poser. His first couple years were incredible because he was genuinely pissed off and so cynical. Slowly he started getting less funny. His book came out, which was pretty decent. Then he went on a tour which ruined his mystique and showed him to be a fraud. A normal, happy dude who pretends to be a pissed off nerd. He has since sold out. I will watch the videos to see if he's gotten any better.
He used to be funny, untill he started writing lame, tired, typical jokes and wrote a boring book.


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Wait, how do you know that he's a fat, Armenian programmer nerd from Utah? I thought there was never really a picture released of him or anything.

There are tons of pics of him all over the internet. He's gone on a book signing tour. His real name is George Ouzounian and he lives about 10 minutes from me. Oh, he's also a math major at the University of Utah.
I Maddox.

He is kinda like a nerdy Noel Gallagher.
It'll be a pile of ****, half of the stuff he comes out with isnt even remotely funny..
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