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1 4%
1 4%
4 17%
3 13%
1 4%
1 4%
13 54%
Voters: 24.
So... I am thinking about building another guitar.... This time, it'll be a bit more extravagant and I will spend a bit more now knowing I can make a guitar. So the question is....

For a TOM does it matter if you use a Gotoh TOM or a TonePro? Does the tonepro have better sustain? Should I spend my $40 elsewhere or would it look better (for resale) if I had the tonepro?

Options time!

This one will have abalone all round the entire edge of the guitar....
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i'm voting for the green with the floyd
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so a floyd with the green and glod pups is "option 8" and green with black pups is "option 9"
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I'm diggin' the 7th one, but use a wraparound, keep the black binding, and use EMG's, or some other black pups.

that would be yummy.

i voted 3
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option 8

BTW, did you ever get the sound clips from your Alexi?
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A man chooses, a slave obeys.
last or the 1st one..
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bv310, not yet... but Christmas break is soon :-D it'll be with my spider, but one could hope it'd be with a Mesa Dual Rectifier :-D

Also... Anyone know about my bridge question????
3. Definately.

7 is good as well but I think it would look better with a Black Floyd and hardware.
I vote Red Flame. So 5. But Tonepros are supposed to have better sustain and tone, and lots of pors endorse it and use it. so id say use it.