I think the guitars and the drums are superkewl, theres really alot of potential there BUT: Drum lines could be a little more exciting at times but their not bad.
The songs lack a bit of depth without a noticeble basssound.
The singer isn't bad but it gets a little monotone and bland after a while
Quite a clear hendrix inspiration, guitar is tight, production is okay, what are you recording through?

Vocals need work. Mix is a bit off but I liked it!
I've listened to the first one all the way through so far, and am listening to the second one now. Maybe because I'm a taaad bit OCD about bass guitar distinctness, but if I was the bassist for your band I would make it a little louder or do something about the tone to make it stand out. There is definitely more added presence when the bass comes in though, just not as defined as I personally would make it. Just saying though, if you like the sound like this then go for it by all means, as it could also possibly just be the recording quality. Also, maybe I'm just not used to this kind of genre and it's vocal styles, but I think the vocalist could do a little bit to change it up. Add more emotion to it all. Put more, singing tone or screaming kind of stuff into it if that's what you're looking for. Just let out the words with more conviction and with a style that would make people want to listen to it more, you know? Again, I might just not be too familiar with the musical style you might be aiming for and just not be too well associated with the general sound. Just my opinion, and not sure how much it counts for considering I haven't even begun recording my own stuff, but just thought maybe this is what you're looking for.

However, your guitarist is making very nice sounding use of wah and effects and instrumentally I really like the songs. The drum beats are also pretty good, and not just general rhythms. Most everything is very good sounding aside from what I mentioned in the other paragraph.
I know what you're saying about bass. It's only a two person band, so we want our live sound to sound similar to our recordings. That being said, we only had time to track bass on the 1st track. So the bass that you have trouble hearing in the other 2 is because there isn't any :P

We're gonna try recording singing with a more enthusiastic voice. We'll probably make new recordings around Christmas time. Thanks for listening
Nice, especially for a duo. The vocals could use a bit of work IMO. Sweet guitar, not too flashy, you definatley pull off the duo well. Full sound, hard to do with a duo. Like said above, I notice the Hendrix influence if im not mistaken. Nice work. Check out my stuff, maybe add me on myspace?

If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.
It definitly needs to retain that gritty sound.If it is too polished it loses its soul which is a big part of this style.That being said,the vocals could really use some work.they conflict a lot with the groove of the music.You really need to let loose and project,emote and improvise a bit.Feel that ****e man!
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