I promise this is my last thread on this subject! (As if any of you even know who I am anyway)

I'll be getting an MIM strat soon and I want to know if there's any point in changing the P-ups to HotRails or not. I'm using a Roland MicroCube ATM. I will not be getting a new amp so please don't tell me about amps. Will I hear any difference from the stock Strat pick-ups? I've heard that all pickups sound the same with modelling amps. Is this true?
No, i have truly the worst modelling amp (spider... ). But today i got a new guitar and the difference is amazing! Pretty sure its cos this one has branded pickups.
oh yeah back on topic, hot rails are kick ass on strats, bit expensive in the UK though, damn americas cheap guitar parts! Definatly worth the upgrade though.
hot raisl will definitely change your tone because its a high output humbucker instead of a single coil

whether this will improve the tone in your eyes is a different matter haha, its up to you what genres do you play'?
why dont you wait till you have the strat and then decide if you dont like how it sounds?
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I have a MIM Strat currently and will probably at some point get a Duncan JB Jr. or a HotRail in my strat, but not right now. An amp does make a bigger difference btw. I'm currently in the process of shopping for a new amp. I'm mainly looking at Peavey Classic 30 and Traynor YCS-50 and Traynor YCV-50 Blue.

I've also played some guitars with the HSS setup (humbucker in the bridge) and a PRS with 2 humbuckers, so I have an idea of what to expect from a high output pick up. Tone is subjective and some people may like the stock pickups and some may not. After hearing a few amplifiers, my opinion is that the amp is the most important part in tone. Later on, I may get a new set of pups for my guitar.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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why dont you wait till you have the strat and then decide if you dont like how it sounds?

That^^ hahaha its so obvious, im ashamed of myself
I'm a metal/hard rock player mostly. And of course I'm going to play around with the strat before I make expensive decisions like that!