so i dont know if the is the right place for this but here goes

i was reading a review on a guitar ive been looking at and the guy talks about how he actually held on to this guitar, didnt just get rid of it quick

so i was thinking, how can you get rid of your first guitar, or any guitar really? i still have all my guitars (yea ive only been playing a few years and its only 5 guitars) but i could never think of getting rid of one unless it was a horrible buy and i hated it(unlikely) or i broke it beyond repair (again unlikely).

so tell me how you feel about this. can/could/did you ever get rid of your first guitar or would it kill to to see it go?
I sold one of mine so i could buy an effects pedal.

I was only a squier blue strat, was pretty nice though :P But i needed the pedal more, and the guitar was to beginner for me aswel, it couldnt keep up with my progress, so i was sad to see it go, but in the end, was for the best =]
I could never get rid of my first guitar, its a 3/4 size spanish one. Or my first electric, although i have modded it
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i sold my ibanez gsa60 so i could get a better amp than my original spider. i don't feel bad, i can play much more easily on my jackson stealth (2nd guitar) anyway and now i have a valveking which i am much happier with. they are just inanimate objects!
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well i think once you get a ear for tone you'll sell them that's how i was thinking i could never part with my ibanez GIO because i though it was the bets guitar ever,then after 2 years of playing i dumped it go and Ibanez Rg,thought that was great scraped that got a Squire then i got my Marshall AVT20, and i thought it was good and then it was crap and now a year from that i have a Ibanez SZ520 and a Marshall JCM900 combo.
i think once you get a ear for good tone you'll be able to part.
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my first guitar is a B.C. Rich Mockingbird starter pack guitar. the amp is long since dead, the fretboard is near worn through, more chips and dings than any guitar i've had since, and i'll never part with it. the sentimentality of it. almost everything i learned on guitar was on that guitar. memories and such.... i have sold others that didn't have any real meaning.
You cant! I only own a takamine acoustic, its awsome, and a blue squire and a black dean vendetta.
I love the squire, it was my first!
But I am thinking about burning my dean and thrashing it that should be fun.
I bought it with christmas money. But I should of thought it over, cuz i didnt need a new one. And it is a terrible guitar, even for a beginners guitar. It only costed 100 bucks so ima have some fun
Meh... I've gotten rid of both of my first electric and my first acoustic. I don't see why you should keep a ****ty guitar when you can sell it and buy a better one.
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My 1st guitar was a piece of crap knock-off strat, the money I got from pawning it helped buy my equipment that I get more out of like my pedals so I don't regret it. I had 3 guitars by the time I sold my first guitar anyway. It just depends if you got sentimental memories attached to the guitar plain and simple
i agree with the crap guitars but what about nice guitars not necessarily first guitars

i have a few uncles who have been playing for many years and have had many guitars, many nice guitars. i mean strats and ricks and everything in between, but now they have but only a couple. now i understand if its for money or financial reasons, but if you could afford it why wouldnt you keep them if you've had it for so long or its sentimental.
Whats the point of owning them if you don't play them. What good is a $4000 PRS if it's just hanging on your wall. Maybe if you're an art collector, but as a player, it's pointless. Once you find a guitar you like, you stick with it. There may be others you buy and own, but you will always have your favorites. I have my 2 go-to guitars (Ibanez and Strat), but I plan on buying a Bich 10 and a Les Paul for gimmicks and for fun. I'm actually trying to sell my first guitar right now. An Epiphone G-400 with 2 Dirty Fingers
My first was a yahama strat ripoff with 3 single coil pickups. Not a great guitar buy my parents got it for me. My first guitar I bought was a Schecter Gryphon. I bought it three years ago and still have it. I could never get rid of Fuego (that's the name my little brother gave him), he is my first and honestly, he is such a great extension that I don't even feel the need to buy a new guitar. I can just change out the pickups because the feel is so great.

I used to complain and call him a piece of crap because his wiring was a little faulty a few times, but that was because I didn't really appreciate him. If I just switched out pickups and got a new amp I would never need to buy a new guitar. I love Fuego. Yes I know his name means fire.
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