anyone notice that ups isnt as reliable as they say?

i ordered a byoc fuzz kit two sundays ago. it was to be here the 4th. it never came.

i check the status of it and says that there was a problem with the address. i call them up and sort it out. they said they will deliver it the next day, never came.

now today it was supose to be here. i get a call saying they cant make it on my roads (they were plowed today btw) and they ask me if i can meet them down the road, i said i would and ask were at the driver is. she called him back then gave me a call while i was getting ready to walk in the snow. he had already left to go back.

has anyone else ever had **** like this happen to them. this is the second time out of 2 that this has happend to me.
srry dude, I order UPS all the time, only late package was whan it got stuck in chicago during the floods this summer, and only for 2 days.
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at first i had a feeling i was gunna have to reply with "its the holiday season, they are way busy" but then i read it and now im gunna say "wow they are n00bs".
They do suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!!!!!
I once ordered a dvd and it took over 6 months to get to my house. And I paid for good shipping time.
It happens everytime I order something using them. They are the most unreliable thing ever
why would you order a DVD? you can get that stuff online and with DVRs and blockbuster video.
I got my new amp on time.
I made a thread about it the other day.

Fine for me.

That really does suck though. They seem to do well in my area, but I guess not yours.
i order things from UPS all the time and never have had a problem.
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I bought a copy of Moby Dick offline, and they shipped it here the next day... and I only payed for standard shipping.
Write UPS a formal complaint about your dissatisfaction with there service.

Don't bitch at them, just politely make it known that you are dissapointed with them and expected more.

There's a good chance they're refund shipping costs or something.

Ex: one time I bought strings from a store, and they were supposed to be really nice strings, and they were as dead sounding as any string I'd ever played withing 3 days! I wrote and complained and got two free sets of strings as well as a formal apology!

Maybe UPS will be cool like that?
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They are the most unreliable thing ever

Not if my Xbox360 has anything to say about it.

UPS always works for me. Maybe I'm just a prodigy, who knows?
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well im glad that i'm not the only one this is happening to. well not realy, nobody should have to deal with this. this is bull ****.

funny thing is out mail cars have no problem, school busses have no problem,, and nobody else around here have a problem. they also say they are going to try tomorow to deliver it. i dont see how its going to be any better tomorow lol
never had a problem with them, though I usually don't use them since I worked at their major US routing center for a long time, and I know the kind of shenanigans that goon there.
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As ****ty as UPS may seem, I still find it to be the best service compared to any of the other companies.
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UPS has always been great with me.
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Not if my Xbox360 has anything to say about it.

Never ordered anything through UPS, sorry.
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