So here I am wanting to get my first electric guitar...
I'm on a rather tight budget, 250 - 280 $ max . :-/
After digging around older posts on the same topic,
I found these guitars that have been continually recommended:

Yamaha Pacifica 012 / 112
Ibanez RG120 / 132

Agile AL2000
Douglas WRL 590

What can you say about them?
Or is there something else I should consider?
Also, my cousin bought a Kramer Focus VT-211S for ~ $100 (cost's less now...) a year or two ago, and hasn't complained...
Anyone have any opinions about it?

I'm looking for something that will allow me to play a variety of music styles, and obviously, something that won't completely suck ...

As for the amp, ppl seem to usually recommend the roland microcube...
Id go for the Pacifica or the Douglas
As for the Agile, you should play with some Floyd-Rose equipped guitars and make sure theyre right for you. theyre great for tuning stability, but can be annoying to tune and whatnot
i thought id jump in because i saw agile as an option. i have never played one but hear great things so im taking the leap and asking for one for xmas. i plan on doing an intense review and posting youtube links and pictures and everything of it so everyone can get an idea what they are like. the price is so good that if they are truly amazing i want to be able to let everyone see what they are looking at.
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What kind of music do you like to play, electric guitars need to be picked for the right style otherwise you might end up with completley the wrong guitar. And never pick your guitar because it looks good, I know its tempting but quality of the guitar and having a fairly good sound and action is one hundred times better.

P.S. something to stay away from is buying a crappy made copy of some sg or strat or something from ebay, if you can, take a friend who plays guitar or someone you know who has been playing guitar for a while to a shop and try a few out, ask some questions, and have a fiddle with the tone and vols and toggles etc.
i hate Ibanez but honestly the EX 370 i had for 2 days was decent, picked it up used for $80 , resold it for $150, after i set it up it was a nice guitar with low action and a floyd rose, for a cheap guitar i`d recommed it. i mainly hate the necks on Ibanez`s there WAYYYY to flat. might be good if you have small hands but i like my neck to have some chunk to it, like BC Rich, Gibson, ESP.
Yeah, I understand that I need to go to a store and everything, I'll do that when I can get friend who plays well to come with me...
But In the end, I'm still going to probably have to order online, since buying stuff like that adds another 40-50$ to the price here in Russia.

I generally play metal & stuff, but I like to poke around with many different styles...

(It seems the Yamaha Pacificas are winning in these debates all-around...)