I was just wondering of anyone could give me any beginner Instrumental Rock songs from guitarists such as Neil Zaza, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malsteem, Joe Satriani, etc.

It doesnt need to be extremely easy but at least something I could play if I've been playing for about 4 or 5 months
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The intro to "For the love of god"is pretty easy....also "Dreaming (tell me)" by Yngwie is pretty easy,although not really an instrumental. Alot of Paul Gilbert stuff isn't too hard, "Curse of Castle Dragon" "Hurry Up" and "Rusty Old Boat"
eugene's trickbag by steve vai if you work at it is not that complicated, getting the right speed will be really hard but its a good song for technique, midnight by joe satriani ( its a guitar tapping song ).
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Always with me, always with you aside from a view fast bits that can be improvised, its only legato though so it's not too hard. Yea actually that may be a bit extreme for you but give it a go.

Most of cry'in by Satriani is very easy and sounds great
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"Night of the Slunk" by Buckethead has a fairly easy riff and chorus, and it's really hooky and cool sounding.
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easy instrumental not by them is Soy bomb-honest bob and the factory to dealer incenitives probably the simplest
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