How much roughly speaking does a second hand SG go for, its the standard that I am after, but the prices I have seen for used have been all over the place ?

New I have seen a few for around and just under £800, so is £500 to low for a used one ?
It depends on the condition, age, and the seller. I've seen them on ebay for no lower than £500, which is almost half the price of some brand new SG Standards.
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Around my area (I look on craigslist a lot) many of the SG Standards go for $800-$850, which is about half of the list price, $1659.
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thanks I have been looking on gumtree some go for around £500 but theres none for sale at the moment.
I have seen one I like thats just over £600 or so, but it seems a bit high, so was wondering if to go for it or not