I've been in a rut as of late with music to listen to. I love zeppelin, rhcp, ratm, black keys, audioslave, sound garden, stone temple pilots, opeth, american headcharge

i'm looking for some good music suggestions. i'd like some metal that isn't all screaming. kickin guitar riffs/basslines. just what are some good songs/bands that arent really well known i just want some help...

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From bands you mentioned i'd definatly recomend Tool if you dont already listen to them.
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Megadeth's whole Killing is my Business album, Peace sells album, and So Far so good so what are the best thrash metal albums on the planet
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Pantera. Sure the guy Screamed. But they were just so amazing. And it fits, seeing as the other day was...um...yeah...*ban-shield*
i very highly reccomend muse, they do fantastic stuff that's still technically 'heavy' but still blend it well with melodies, poetic lyrics and top quality guitar-ing
RUSH! Killer bass riffs by Geddy Lee! Try working man or YYZ. By-tor and the snow Dog is another good one.
Metallica-To Live Is To Die
just a beautiful piece of music
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