I'm still new to guitar, and I'm looking to get a good range of sounds to experiment with. I currently have a Boss DS-1, and I'm thinking of either getting the Boss ME-20 effects, or getting the Weeping Demon Wah pedal, and I found a DoD Chorus pedal for $50. I realize that pedal will sound much better, but I'm torn right now with what would be the best bet. I'm looking to spend no more than $200 right now to get started.

From what I have heard on the net, I like the sound that a Wah, and chorus pedal can produce, but I also like the idea of having a multitude of sounds to play with on the ME-20, but again, the sound I imagine would be lacking compared to the pedals. I only plan to play here in the house, but I would still like to get a good sound.

Thanks for any info, it is appreciated.
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Well if you only gonna play at home, and want to experiment with sounds. You can go with the me20. If you however want to improve your overal tone, then u should go with pedals.

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get the ME-20
it has a wah attachment and sounds just as good as any other wah pedal
plus a hell of alot of effects to go with it like overdrive nd stuff...
for starting out, go for the me-20 always. when you get more confident and have an idea of what you want to sound like, start upgrading. and have fun, dammit!