If you don't know what a Killswitch is, it's what Buckethead uses, in Jordan, for example. I'm making one that isn't actually connected to the guitar, it's connected to your amp cable. But hopefully you already know what I'm talking about.

I've been trying to build one of these for like two days, and I keep coming up with the same problem. I get all the wires wrapped around everything, but there's this bad buzz. I've been using the clean channel to test the switch. It works, but there's this horrible buzz coming out of the amp whenever the switch isn't pressed down. I've tried thinner wirer, I've wrapped it around as tight as I could, taped everything, but this buzz is still there. Help?

ask in the ultimate killswitch thread,
use the searchbar!
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ask in the ultimate killswitch thread,
use the searchbar!

I already have. That talks about permanent switches, installed directly into your guitar. And the searchbar didn't help me much.
My guitar cable does exactly what you want... I just have to wiggle it around while playing...

Though, I rather take a soldering iron to that cable...
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