Okay, here's how it goes, you have your own country

what would you name it?

what rules would you put in place? (bearing in mind it would be illegal not to follow them)

how would you rule it?

what other things you you do?

I think it could be interesting to see how the inhabitants of UG would act as a monarch/emperor/whatever you wanna call yourself

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I would name it Afghanistan.

I would make a bunch of rules, but no one would follow them.

Tribal leadership and vindictive militant organizations would overrule any kind of leadership I try to put into action.

Heroine would be grown, terrorists would be harbored and......wait a second
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I'd outlaw crime; it just seems like a no-brainer.

I would also act as "Supreme Chancellor" to give the people a false sense of democracy but rule as an iron-fisted dictator.