Well my name is Jak. (real nick name PMK = Power Metal Kid xD).

I started playing electric guitar about 11 months ago. My gutiar teacher screwed me other in August by leaving.

So, since then, I tried to self learn myself. I've not came very far. Learnt a couple of songs, that's it. So i've turned ot the Internet!

Favourite Bands:

1.) Dragonforce
2.) Airbourne
3.) Velvet Revovler
4.) Nitro/M.A.B
5.) Metallica
6.) Trivium

Hehe, theres alot more

You have a cool name. Be a real 14 year old guitar hero and learn the easier parts of through the fire and the flames! - Dont listen to the haters!

PS - Learn seek and destroy by metallica - Best song for a good guitarist up until after the second chorus
feel free to post again in the introductions thread at the top of this forum
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