should I buy this amp for £65?

I need a new one but it the vox good?

I play classic rock music and like good distortion...
the distortion on a vox advt in simple terms isnt solid.

It sounds good but its not the same as a tube amp with an OD infront of it.

get a roland cube instead there much more.
its got alot more charecter than the vox.
if you're not gigging, look into an epiphone valve junior. they're always fun to crank and rock out on. always.
^thats what i was thinking but i dont think he can afford one.

an epi VJ with a quality OD infront of it.

Just makes me salivate how tasty that sounds.
the vox is a fine amp. you can get a good classic rock tone (assuming you mean late 60s early 70s) from this very easily, as it has a plexi model that sounds cool...

i used mine to play live a bunch of times and it was fine, but it isn't a proper valve amp so lacks the certain tonal quality that many crave... however, the power amp valve warms things up nicely, the speaker volume cdial on the back is worth it's weight in gold, and for bedroom messing around it's unbeatable due to the models and fx...
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