Hey guys im putting together a practice schedule. Now the list will change when i get good at some of the stuff like the scale i decide to study.

1. Warm Up
http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/soloing/speed_up_your_soloing_part_i_warm_up_and_synchronisation_excercises.html(10-15 Minutes)"With Metronome"

2. Practice Chord Changes/Progressions, with Rhythm patterns.(metronome) 10-15 Minutes

3. Learn and perfect a song(Perfect over time)( Untill You have song down)(play with cd/metronome)

4. Learn Minor Pentatonic and memorize/improvise(10-15 Minutes)(metronome)

5. Learn A Phrase/Lead Riff(From Web Or 99 secret Lead phrases,Or MI Licktionary)(metronome)

6. Learn 3 new chords and practice change.(Metronome)


Ear Training/Interval Training (Practice when on bus and during practice)
Transcribe These Cd's

Green Day-Dookie
Off Spring-Smash
The Donnas- Get skin tight
The Eagles- Greatest Hits
The Ramones- All the stuff and more
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sounds really good, maybe try to learn more than minor pent though. It all depends on your preferred style of music of course.
Yeah i will learn more after i memorize it and could i maybe get suggestions on scales for styles

Like 80's bay area thrash solos Exodus,testament etc and the stuff like vai and satch but they just use all sorts of scales so im not sure.

Im also doing ear training and making up own scales from chords from the marty friedman Melodic control.