I've been using a Shure SM57 for the last year or so to record guitar tracks with no problems. I went to stay at a mates house for the last few days, I come back and try to record a guitar part, and it's all crackly and fizzy.
What could this be?

There's a clip on my profile of how it sounds now. Compare it to the other songs to see how it used to sound.
It's not due to the amp or guitar either, because when I record myself speaking into the microphone, it goes crackly too.

I'm running it into a Mackie Onyx Satellite, if that helps.

I really can't afford to get a new mic if I don't need one, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Quote by roaddawg07
Have you tried a different cord

I wasn't willing to go buy one if it wasn't a possibility.
I'll try one out, thanks for the reply.
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most likely its prolly the chord. the 57 is pretty beastly haha and i always have problems with chords