Im wondering if i should put lyrics to this song or not, let me know please.

crit for crit


EDIT: I uploaded another version with the first verse finished. I messed around with some effects to help my voice... :P it needs all the help it can get

First verse:
Gunshots soar through the air
I hear a voice, oh so clear
Pull me so close, pull me so near
Without you, I couldn't be here
Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.
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pretty epic i enjoyed it...i dont know if i would do lyrics i could see using battle sounds or like exceprts from speeches or something but thats just my opinion, what did you record/write it with?

also i lol-ed at ur style of music

vinnie modica
Chinese pop / Regional Mexican / Afro-beat

chinese pop haha?
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I like the style you've got going. What are you using for the synth/sound stuff, Fruity Loops? Some of the instruments sound a little fake, but it's hard to tell from the others, and it's likely that you can't really help it. The rhythm is great, you're definitely a good composer. I really don't have anything to complain about, I like it a lot. Maybe a better quality of synth would be cool, but the overall music is amazing. Make moar!
Thanks for the crits, im using Sonar Home studio 7 for this. I am actually wondering if the break in the middle works when it goes to 4/4 then back to 6/8. Also let me know if i should or shouldn't put lyrics to the song. And of course, crit for crit
Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.
I threw in some lyrics, hopefully they work out. It's only the first verse so nothing special. I'm going to keep the chorus an instrumental... theres no doubt about that.
Thanks for the feedback guys, is there anything you want me to crit?
Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.
Personally, I thought the rhythm guitar in the intro could have a bit more distortion. But I thought it was really cool.

Good job, I like the idea of using battle sounds and excerpts of speech for something war like that someone mentioned above. Like Civil War or Madagascar by GnR

BTW: Do you have a GP5 of this song? Im guessing not but it'd be cool to see.
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Really love those vocals, but you need less autotune dude. Set the pitch correction to slow instead. May sound all right if the vocals were loud enough tbh. But couldn't hear them too well. lol when that new section comes in it sounds a bit too midi, but still sounds cool, other than the low vocals I really enjoyed it.

edit: oh yeah crit4crit plz :p
ok im typing this as im listening to it

intro sounds nice, what programs are you using to get those sounds and the vocal chorus?

the guy above me is right, you need less auto tone. it almost sounds robotic, which would be cool if it was like techno prog metal, but it doesnt fit here. it should be smoother.

even halfway through it sounds pretty good. it would be great if you finished adding the lyrics, it would make a great song

the riff that comes in a little after halfway through is pretty good, and the keys over it are nice. probably my favorite part here.

the guitar tone sounds a bit robotic, what are you using to record that? it almost sounds like it was just GP5d but i could be wrong

overall its pretty good, it has a nice epic feel to it without having to be fast, which is a great contrast to most bands who have to play fast to be epic. for an instrumental it would probably be better if you put leads over it or shortened it or something, because it gets repetetive, but if you put some great vocals with awesome lyrics it would be a really great song
that sounds really epic man, sell it to a video game studio it would definatly fit in something like final fantasy.
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