So I'm looking for a new guitar to buy and both of these are available. The EC-500 is about 100 dollars more expensive.

What are the differences between the two? Note that the EC-400 is the older model but it still has EMG 61 and 80s, grover tuners, etc.

Thanks for any input
Where did you find the EC-400? The only EC-400 I know is the EC-400VF with Seymour Duncan pickups. Then I can help.
The old EC-400 is not a carved top like the 500. The EC-400VF is a carved top the same as the EC-500. Just a sunburst finish and Seymour Duncan Pickups instead of EMG's.

500: Carved Top +
400: Hard Top -

500: Earvana Nut +
400: Graphite Nut -

500: Black Binding Body White On Fretboard and Headstock +
400: White Binding Fretboard and Headstock -

500: ESP Standard T-O-M Bridge -
400: TonePros T-O-M Bridge +
The EC-500 is a nicer guitar no doubt, but mainly by looks. Both have the Active EMG 81/60 set, Set-Neck construction. If you can pull the extra money, I'd say go for the EC-500. Maybe replace the bridge after a while with a TonePros TOM instead of the ESP stock.
+ec 400 full thickness
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thanks for all the comments guys. Just gotta think about it about more and I'll be able to make my decision. I'm leaning more towards the Ec-500.
500 also has 24 frets...the 400vf has 22 and IDK about the 400

EDIT - the 400 has 24...
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